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Ettore Steccone

Ettore Steccone was born in 1896 in a small mountain village in Northern Italy. Eventually he and his wife settled in the United States in the 1930’s. He became well known, riding his motorcycle while balancing a ladder and bucket, as he pursued his window cleaning profession.

Ettore Steccone was not satisfied with the design of the popular squeegee of his time. It was made of heavy steel with a double rubber blade held in place by twelve screws. His resourcefulness led him to his own vastly improved design. His modern t-shaped squeegee was built of brass with a single rubber blade held in place with clips instead of multiple screws.

Demonstrating his skill for product promotion he offered his new tool freely to other window cleaners. His only request was that they try it for one day on the job to learn of its superior design.  This approach worked and in no time they wanted to purchase more of the new squeegees.

Ettore Steccone died in 1984. But his company, Ettore continues until today under the management of his family. They carry on providing quality products for professionals and consumers alike.

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