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Establishing a successful window cleaning business is not as difficult as one would think. If you are planning to build a start up, you can also offer a variety of window cleaning add-on services such as gutter cleaning, awning and screen care, blind cleaning, bird control, scratch and stain removal, and other janitorial assistance. Customers prefer a one-stop shop window cleaning provider rather than contracting multiple cleaners with varied rates. You will be amazed as to how quickly your profits grow once you integrate additional add-on services into your business.



Whether you are servicing residential or commercial clients, there may be instances where you feel the need to use window cleaning ladders. The U.S. Federal Government actually urges professional window cleaners and business owners to stop using ladders due to increased risks of falls and injuries. However, the use of ladders may also be applied in tasks such as awning and roof care. If so, below are some tips on how to safely use ladders while on the job.


  • •Setup the ladder on a stable and solid surface. Be sure to move stones, bricks, and other physical obstacles on the ground that may compromise your balance.
  • •Establish a roof rig as an anchor for the harness.
  • •Attach yourself to a harness using a high grade carabiner. Do not use superficial carabiners or locks because the pin and gate can easily be damaged.
  • •If you are cleaning windows that are too complicated or risky from your position, consider investing in a water fed pole.
  • •Window cleaning add-ons such as ladder standoff rubber pads and metallic rubber ladder plugs can help prevent the ladder from sliding away.
  • •A work platform that is attachable to the main platform provides you proper footing and balance.
  • •Always wear rubber boots to prevent yourself from tripping or slipping off while you are working on heights.
  • •As much as possible, avoid attaching too many extensions from the main window cleaning ladder. Remember that as you go higher, the equipment tends to get floppier or more flexible.

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