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T Bars


T-Bars are basically handles for microfiber scrubbers that can be attached to any standard extension pole. Most T-Bars today are of the swivel type, which makes fanning windows easier than doing it with a straight neck T-Bar. It is made of aluminum or plastic and has a screw that allows you to loosen or tighten the pivoting mechanism.


T-Bars are especially convenient when cleaning high glass windows. The swivel turns to its side and conforms with the surface, so you will not make any necessary adjustments from the ground.


Most T-Bars are available in standard sizes: 10-inch, 14-inch, 18-inch, and 22-inch.

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  1. Blue Ergonomic T-Bar
  2. Ettore Pro+ Fixed T-Bar
  3. Ettore Pro+ Super System T-Bar
  4. Ettore ProGrip T-Bar
  5. Ettore Taper T-Bar

    Ettore Taper T-Bar

    Starting at: $6.10

  6. Gray Ergonomic T-Bar 6 in.
  7. Moerman Ergonomic T-Bar
  8. Pro Plastic T-Bar

    Pro Plastic T-Bar

    Starting at: $7.75

  9. Pulex Aluminum T-Bar
  10. Pulex Plastic Red T-Bar
  11. Pulex Plastic T-Bar
  12. Pulex Swivel T-Bar
  13. Pulex T-Bar
  14. Pulex Technolite T-Bar
  15. Purple/Black Ergonomic T-Bar
  16. Sorbo Swivel T-Bar
  17. Unger 3 Piece T-Bar
  18. Unger Aluminum T-Bar
  19. Unger Ergotec Ninja T-Bar
  20. Unger ErgoTec T-Bar
  21. Unger SwivelStrip T-Bar
  22. Unger T-z Strip T-Bar
  23. Wagtail Mop T-Bar

23 Item(s)

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