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The term leadership can be an elusive concept.  As we progress through life our understanding of what a leader should be may change.  The skill of being a great leader is not something we are born with, it’s a trait that must be developed through life’s experiences.

I believe there are three unheralded aspects of leadership.  These uncommon, yet vital, aspects of leadership are humility, gentleness, and kindness.

In our world today, there exists many examples of leaders and the routes these individuals have taken to become respected leaders.  While some may agree to disagree on the underlying characteristics’ to become a leader, one thing is clear to me – leadership is about relationships.


Humility might be the most important aspect of leadership.  A truly humble leader does not ask about the forth comings they will receive, but rather what everyone around them will receive.

For many people, the word humility means weakness and timidity.  In fact, humility is a quality that seems to be disappearing in today’s fast paced world of globalism and competition.

Take a closer look at humility and you will notice it does not relate to weakness and timidity.  We find that humility means the absence of arrogance, a posture of openness, and a kindness of heart.

In today’s society we experience examples of people attempting to act with humility, only with the hopes of a fiscal gain on the back end.  Treating your clients and others with humility in hope of receiving a sale in return is not an example of true humility.

A truly humble person helps others with whatever they may need without hoping for something in return.  I believe that humility is a necessary quality that enables leaders to engage with others, both at home and around the world.

Humility is an ingredient that allows confident leaders to understand their limitations.

Humble leaders stay in a listening and learning mode.  They understand the importance of continuing education and how that can impact the way they conduct their daily lives.  In order for education and learning to take place we must first listen.  This is something that all of us can do if we practice it in our daily lives.

Most business owners want to jump right in and talk about how they can help.  They forget to listen first in order to better understand the needs of others.

Think about this for a moment, how can we help someone solve their problem when we do not take the time to listen to their problem first?

Gentleness and Kindness

Gentleness and kindness determine how we treat other people, maybe even how those people treat themselves.

These two aspects of leadership are difficult for most people to express, remember to be a true leader we must put our egos aside for the betterment of others.  This can be difficult to do and easy to forget but if we want to truly be leaders it is something we must conquer.


You may be asking how do I be gentle and what does that even mean?  I believe gentleness is not something you can express physically, rather mentally and emotionally.

Gentleness comes when we listen and learn from others.  By doing this we can better understand the needs of others, and work towards fulfilling those needs.

Kindness is the aspect of leadership where we simply treat others as we would like to be treated.  Being harsh towards someone has never solved any problems.  It only endures bad feelings.  It is difficult to reach your life’s goals when we treat people unkindly.

Having a kind heart will grow your network tenfold.  Kindness begins with the eyes: noticing the needs of others around us.

Everyone wants to leave behind a legacy of some kind.  It does not have to be great or magnificent.  Each one of us will leave behind our own unique thumbprint.  It is up to you how large of a thumbprint you leave.


By Kyle Ballweg

Clear Vision Cleaning



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