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Private Forum

With your WCRA/PWRA membership, you have access to 4 different private members only communities. You will find the private members only area tucked away inside the WCR & PWR community forum.


Talk freely with other like minded professional window cleaners and pressure washers.  Unlike the public forum, this area is completely locked down from the search engines. It is professional and business focused. Typical topics found in the member's area are marketing, employees, growth.


Access the communities here:

WCRA Private area inside the WCR Forum

PWRA Private area inside the PWR Forum

WCRA Members on Facebook group

PWRA Members on Facebook group


When you join the WCRA/PWRA, we migrate your existing account into the private group. If you signed up with an alternate email address, drop us a line. Use the contact form to let us know you would like access to the private communities. Be sure to let us know the email address you want to use.

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