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Water Fed - Packages

If you've made the decision to enter the world of Water Fed Cleaning, you're going to need some basic components to get started such as a Pure Water System and a Pole. Use the different categories on this page to find what system will best suit your business's needs. Browse packages from Xero, Unger, Tucker and Ettore.



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Water Fed Cleaning works on the premise of using Pure Water to leave a spot-free finish without the need of squeegeeing every window after you clean it. The Pure Water System will take source water and remove the impurities before it is fed through your Water Fed Pole and Brush. Systems are divided based on whether you will be working with Hard or Soft water. Consider water with a TDS of under 100 as soft and over 100 as hard. If you're unsure what water is in your area of coverage, reach out to our helpful staff members who would be glad to assist you. Systems feature different stages of filtration to ensure water is pure through either DI or RO/DI filtration. Replacement filters, parts, and fittings are available for when you need them to keep your system running efficiently.


Depending on the sort of jobs you'll be taking on, you can determine the length of pole you'll need to reach the highest windows. Will you be working on low buildings with one or two stories or large structures with up to five stories? Although the telescopic design of poles allows you to work with varying lengths locked in, you don't want to end up with a pole that's too long and heavy if you are only working on low jobs. Poles come in a variety of materials such as aluminum, fiberglass, or carbon fiber with varying levels of stiffness and weight. Some poles are designed for everyday use and others just for occasional use. Each pole comes equipped with a brush to get you started, but there are many others to choose from when you want to upgrade or change it out.


Shop based on brands or budget. Do you already have a favorite brand from past experiences window cleaning or does your business have a specific budget to stay within? Easily browse packages that will work for you.


Feeling a bit overwhelmed with all the choices? Give us a call or send a message through the live chat at the bottom of the screen and our knowledgeable staff will happily walk you through determining the perfect Water Fed Package.

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