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If you are ready to take your window cleaning business to the next level, a complete Water Fed Package from XERO may be the right choice for you. Start reaching higher windows and new customers when you branch into the world of water fed cleaning. 


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Source water from a tap or hose at the customer's location that will feed your purification system. The water will run through filters leaving it free of impurities and minerals resulting in a spot free finish on the glass. The XERO line of Water Fed Poles were designed for durability and stiffness. The telescopic design allows you to choose the right length for the job and keep the pole compact when it's not in use. Easily reach high windows from the safety of the ground.


Each package was designed for a different user. Based on the frequency you will be utilizing it and the TDS levels of the water in your local area, you can find the option that's best for you. Our customer service staff are on hand to help you make the decision. When choosing your package, consider the height of the windows you'll be working with along with how often you'll be using the system. If your local TDS is under 100, you have soft water for the purposes of these packages, and if your TDS is over 100, you'll need a solution for hard water, or a multi system.


Each package comes complete with everything to need to get started, all you need to do is plug into the water source.. You'll receive a XERO purification system, pole, and TDS Meter. XERO Water Fed Poles come complete with hose, clamps, and a Tucker® Brush. Choose between the fiberglass, hybrid, or carbon fiber pole to suit your business. The Basic fiberglass pole is perfect for an infrequent user. The Standard hybrid pole is a combination of fiberglass and carbon fiber that works best for users planning to take out their system a few times a week. Daily and professional users should consider the carbon fiber pole as they are the lightest, best quality poles available through XERO.


These systems allow you to easily change out your filters and resin to keep the system running smoothly and efficiently. Once your system is no longer removing 80% of the impurities, it's time to change out the filters or resin. Replacement filters and resin are available through ShopWCR or other retailers. Keeping up on this maintenance will allow your system to work smoothly for a long time. Each filter comes ready to go, prepacked with resin.


DI filtration works great for soft water. The method of DeIonizing the water is a cost-effective way to get pure water.


An RO/DI purification system effectively uses both a Reverse Osmosis and DeIonizing filter process to remove impurities from water.

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