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Unger nLite HydroPower Stage 2 With Cart

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  • Unger nLite HydroPower Stage 2 With Cart

Unger nLite HydroPower Stage 2 With Cart


Quick Overview

Unger nLite HydroPower complete with the stainless steel cart. The cart allows you to strap down the HydroPower for safe transport and is capable of holding every stage. Cart comes complete with large rubber wheels capable of maneuvering almost any terrain.


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Unger nLite HydroPower is like no other DI system on the market. With this system users can change resin faster and get the most life out of their resin.

The HydroPower uses quick changing resin bags allowing the user to change their resin more than 10 times faster than resin from a traditional DI tank. The top of the system detaches with the push of a button and a simple twist. The old resin bag is removed and a replacement is dropped in place in seconds. 

Unlike any other system, the HydroPower uses a patented water distribution system to spread water evenly throughout the resin bag. This eliminates water channeling through resin too easily or quickly which would result in some resin becoming exhausted before the rest of the resin in the tank. This system evenly distributes water evenly through the resin bag and is proven to be 30% more efficient. 

An inline TDS monitor, users can keep an eye on their water quality without interrupting the flow of work. The housing of the HydroPower is made from an extremely rugged polymer material that won't crack or break in transit and can withstand significant abuse.

Soft Water up to 100ppm = up to 830 gallons
Medium Water 100 - 250ppm = 300- 830 gallons
Hard Water 250 - 400ppm = 180 - 300 gallons
Very Hard Water 400ppm = 180 gallons


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