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  1. Facelift Phantom HiMod Carbon Fiber Pole
  2. Facelift Phantom Carbon Fiber Pole
  3. Facelift Phantom Hybrid Pole

    Facelift Phantom Hybrid Pole

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  4. Facelift Phantom Clamp Assembly

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The line of Phantom Poles from Facelift include revolutionary clamps, unlike anything you've seen before. When you get tired of having pole sections slip, try something new with the Phantom Water Fed Poles.


Using an elastomer sleeve, these clamps are able to grip onto pole sections with all-over pressure to stop the age-old problem of slippage. These clamps won't cut into the pole because the internal sleeve acts as a protective buffer, unlike traditional clamps that bite into sections weakening them. The better grip keeps sections where you extend them so you can work easier.


These clamps bolt on each pole section eliminating the need for glue. Each component of the clamp is fully replaceable to save you from costly extended downtime. The anti-spin lever was designed so the lever can be used on either side of the clamp to best suit your cleaning style. 


The Phantom Water Fed Poles are available in three materials, hybrid, carbon fiber, and hi-modulus carbon fiber. The hybrid pole is made of a blend of carbon fiber and fiberglass to provide the most affordable option. But if you are looking for a top of the line pole, the Hi-Mod Carbon Fiber offers a super lightweight and stiff option. When you're using your pole every day, you want one that isn't going to kill your arms and shoulders. These telescopic poles start at 18-feet and can be purchased up to 40 feet. Collapsed they measure between only 60" and 70" for easy storage and transportation.

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