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Step up your window cleaning game with a XERO Waterfed Pole. Waterfed cleaning is the ultimate way to achieve spotless windows quickly. Why waste time and energy squeegeeing when you can bust out your Waterfed Pole and Pure Water setup? Make your business more productive and successful with this faster way of cleaning. Impress your customers with your speed and quality results. Take on new jobs that would've been too big to handle with a squeegee alone. Expand your list of services and reach a new level of clientele. 


Each XERO Water Fed Pole comes ready to go, all you need to do is hook it up to your water purification system. Every pole arrives complete with hose, clamps, and a Tucker® Brush. Effortlessly switch out the brush when you need a new one or want to customize your pole to better satisfy your needs. The EURO threaded pole tip is compatible with most manufacturers goosenecks, angle adapters, and brushes allowing for total flexibility when modifying your XERO pole. The Telescopic design keeps the pole compact while not in use saving space in your work truck or shop.


XERO poles standout as the most affordable, quality water fed option around. These lightweight poles are built with durability and rigidness in mind. Each pole differs in material and comes with all the fittings needed to plug into your water purification system. Choose between the XERO Basic (Glass Fiber), Standard (Hybrid), Pro (Carbon Fiber) and the Ultimate (High Modulus Carbon Fiber). As an added bonus, all XERO products ship 100% free! Be sure to check out the XERO waterfed packages for a complete window cleaning solution! Various upgrades are also available such as the Bronze Wool Pad Holder Kit or the Deluxe Upgrade Kit. From entry-level to ultimate pro, there is an option to fit your business. 


These easy to maneuver poles are excellent for the novice user to a professional. Quickly brush and rinse glass for a beautiful clean with a water purification system. The Telescopic design allows you to work safely from the ground. You can reach the second floor with the Basic model alone! Browse through the XERO Water Fed Poles online or call and chat with ShopWCR today! 


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