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Pole Accessories

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  1. Sorbo Jam-Proof Pole Tip
  2. Unger Collar Locking Inside

    Unger Collar Locking Inside

    Starting at: $6.53

  3. Unger Collar Locking Outside
  4. Pulex Collar

    Pulex Collar

    Starting at: $2.90

  5. Black Collar/Stone Complete

    Black Collar/Stone Complete

    Starting at: $3.25

  6. Pulex Pole Grip

    Pulex Pole Grip

    Starting at: $1.35

  7. Holder Wood Block Screw on 10in
  8. Eagle Swivel Pad Holder
  9. Pulex Pole Multi Tip
  10. Ettore Grip-n-Grab Tool 32in
  11. Unger Grip for #5 Add n Arm Section
  12. Unger Grip,Tip for #1,2 Add n Arm Section
  13. Ettore Nylon Pole Tip
  14. Pulex Pole Tip (for 30ft Pole)
  15. ProCurve Nylon Pole Tip
  16. Cut N Slide

    Cut N Slide

  17. Unger Replacement Grip Section
  18. Unger Acme Adapter Angle Alum
  19. Adapter for FlowThru
  20. Ettore Pro+ Pole Tip
  21. WCR Swivel Scrub-Pad Holder
  22. Unger HiFlo MultiLink Cone Adapter
  23. Mr. Longarm Plastic Pole Tip
  24. Wagtail Erkenomic Pole Tip
  25. Red Cone Adapter
  26. ACME Adaptor Double Head
  27. Gotcha Sprayer Pro Adaptor
  28. Gotcha Sprayer Replacement Lever
  29. Ettore Collar

    Ettore Collar

    Starting at: $7.48

  30. Unger Nylon Pole Tip Springs
  31. Unger Stones Single
  32. Unger Stones Double Basic
  33. Collar for Add-n-Arm

    Collar for Add-n-Arm

    Starting at: $8.95

  34. Wiljer Swivel Applicator
  35. Gotcha Sprayer Replacement Strap
  36. Ettore Standard Angle Adapter
  37. Ettore Universal Angle Adaptor
  38. Ettore Replacement Grip 2 Section Pole
  39. Ettore Replacement Grip 3 Section Pole
  40. Unger ErgoTec Locking Cone
  41. Unger Snap In Pole Tip
  42. Wood Cone Adapter
  43. Unger Plastic Cranked Joint Angle Adapter
  44. Unger Zinc Cranked Joint Angle Adapter
  45. Unger Universal Adapter
  46. Optiloc 2 Section Pole Stone
  47. Optiloc 3 Section Pole Stones
  48. Unger 6' System Plus Extensions
  49. Wagtail Angle Arm
  50. Pulex Pole Tip
  51. Ettore Webster
  52. Ettore Cleaning Clamp Kit
  53. Unger FIXI-Clamp
  54. Unger Pro Ceiling Fan Duster
  55. Unger Sticky Fingers Bulb Changer
  56. Unger Flood Sucker Bulb Changer
  57. Unger Lambs Wool Duster
  58. Unger Pipe Brush


We carry a variety of extension poles and accessories. Choose from top industry brands like Ettore, Garelick, Moerman, Pro, Pulex and Unger. Browse replacement grip sections, internal and external collar locks and angle adapters. Swivel pad holders and sprayers are also available. Smaller replacement items such as pole tips, grips and stones are also in stock. Items such as dusters, bulb changers and brushes are also compatible with extension poles. In case of damage or loss, there is no need to buy a brand new water fed or extension pole completely. Replace the damaged part to save time and money. 

58 Item(s)

Grid  List 

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