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Squeegee Rubber


Damaged squeegee rubber is the number one cause of streaks and smears on window glass regardless of how skilled you are as a professional window cleaner. To avoid this, pay careful attention as to how often you are replacing the rubber blade.The cuts on the surface of the blade and the rounded edge as a result of normal wear and tear affect the efficiency of the job.


Both sides of the rubber are usable. Try flipping it when one side gets totally worn out, so you can maximize your investment. It is also an option that you can remove one of the two end clips, so the rubber can lay flat on the surface.


In the case of torn rubber ends, simply cut the torn part and reinsert it to a shorter squeegee channel.

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  1.  Professional Squeegee Soft Rubber Gross
  2. Black Diamond Flat Top Soft Rubber 12 Pack
  3. Black Diamond Flat Top Soft Rubber Gross
  4. Black Diamond Round Top Hard Rubber 12 Pack
  5. Black Diamond Round Top Hard Rubber Gross
  6. Black Diamond Round Top Soft Rubber 12 Pack
  7. Black Diamond Round Top Soft Rubber Gross
  8. Ettore Master Rubber 12 Pack
  9. Ettore Master Rubber Gross
  10. Ettore Soren Rubber 12 Pack
  11. Moerman Liquidator Rubber 10 Pack
  12. Moerman Liquidator Rubber 100 Pack
  13. Moerman Rubber 10 Pack
  14. Moerman Rubber 100 Pack
  15. Professional Squeegee Hard Rubber 12 Pack
  16. Professional Squeegee Hard Rubber Gross
  17. Professional Squeegee Soft Rubber 12 Pack
  18. Pulex Hard Rubber 12 Pack
  19. Pulex Hard Rubber Gross
  20. Pulex Soft Rubber 12 Pack
  21. Pulex Soft Rubber Gross
  22. Ronan Multi-Cut Rubber Cutter
  23. Sorbo Natural Rubber 12 Pack
  24. Sorbo Rubber 50 Foot Roll
  25. Unger ErgoTec Hard Rubber 12 Pack
  26. Unger ErgoTec Hard Rubber Gross
  27. Unger ErgoTec Soft Rubber 12 Pack
  28. Unger ErgoTec Soft Rubber Gross
  29. Wagtail 3 Meter Squeegee Rubber

29 Item(s)

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