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Ettore Washer Sleeves

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Ettore washer sleeves consist of economic and environmental friendly two-tone fiber. Choose from the Golden Glove, Pro+ Microfiber, Porcupine, Dura and Mighty washer sleeves. The Golden Glove and Pro+ Microfiber have double seams sewn at the ends for longevity. The durable synthetic fabric is alluring to many users. The Ettore Porcupine Sleeve is an example of a washer with aggressive scrubbing power. It is ideal for jobs that need more than your average scrubber will offer. It is interwoven with thousands of flexible bristles for tougher jobs. Most Ettore washer sleeves are available in variables of 10 inch to 22 inch sizes. Ettore washer sleeves are long lasting and some types are even machine washable. They are a suitable and cost efficient option for window cleaners. Shop WCR also has a complete selection of Ettore T-bars as well.

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