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Unger Washer Sleeves

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  1. Unger MonsoonPlus Strip Washer Sleeve
  2. Unger MicroStrip Washer Sleeve
  3. Unger Pad StripWasher Sleeve
  4. Unger Original StripWasher Sleeve
  5. Unger Ergotec Ninja Strip Washer Sleeve
  6. Unger Red MicroStrip Washer Sleeve 18 inch


Unger washer sleeves are a staple in the window cleaning industry. Choose from the MonsoonPlus, MicroStrip, Pad StripWasher, the Original and the Red Microstrip. Unger washer sleeves feature a velcro lock in and out with a scrubbing pad on one end. The velcro fastening system keeps it in place on the T-Bar and holds the sleeve in place. Most Unger washer sleeves also feature double stitched ends for longevity and prolonged use. The newest addition to the Unger family is the Ergotec Ninja washer sleeve. It has adequate water retention and scrubbing power. It also has two abrasive pads on one end, an elastic loop, and a velcro strap. Unger sleeves come in sizes varying from 10 in. to 22 in. WCR also carries Unger T-bars.

6 Item(s)

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