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Specialty Squeegees


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  1. Ettore Backflip
  2. Ettore BackFlip Handle
  3. Moerman Combinator

    Moerman Combinator

    Starting at: $38.89

  4. Moerman Excelerator
  5. Unger Visa Versa
  6. Wagtail Slimline Handle
  7. Clips for Alum Orbital Range (2)
  8. Clip Set for Combi

    Clip Set for Combi

    Starting at: $8.03

  9. Wagtail Aluminum Squeegee

    Wagtail Aluminum Squeegee

    Starting at: $33.71

  10. Wagtail Slim Line Squeegee
  11. Wagtail PC Handle
  12. Wagtail Combi
  13. Wagtail Precision Glide

    Wagtail Precision Glide

    Starting at: $38.89


Speciality squeegees can save time, effort and money. Speciality tools are available in popular brands such as Ettore, Moerman, Unger and Wagtail. The Ettore Backflip, Unger Vice Versa and Wagtail Combi are a few of the options you can choose from. Specialty squeegees are testaments to their creativity, craftsmanship, and pragmatism. Hybrid tools are combinations of standard squeegees, microfiber mops, and other combined features. By using specialty squeegees, you are making full use of two or more window cleaning tools at the price of one.

13 Item(s)

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